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Thu Jun 16

Need to rethink Prosumer integration

Maintain Home Security of Supply

What should I do it case of Grid incident ?

Choose best tariffs

How to reduce my energy bill increase ?

Mitigate Climate Change

How can I charge with Green electrons ?
How can I help my community ?

Leverage IoT

Developing next generation Grid Operational Technologies

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📓 the challenges
Current Grid Operator Control Room Challenges
changesecurityscalabilitynew tech
🕹️ architectures
Need to rethink target architectures
  • Hybrid Public On Prem Cloud based

  • All data for the Data Platform Services loaded via the Data Ingestion Services 🡪 Extract metadata / data quality / etc

  • Well defined (RestFUL) APIs defining the access to the Data Platform Services

  • Applications: (Micro) Services based

  • Information Security: Covering all elements with focus at Data Security

  • In Country solution: For countries having strict GDPR requirements

  • As well support for legacy applications based on MS Windows or Linux Desktops

  • New System of Record approach

rethinkdata platformhybrid
🧰 Support
Digital4Grids Value Proposition
  • Target Control Room IT Architecture definition & associated Master Datasets

  • Delivery of Proof of Concepts on key integration layers

  • Business usecase validation

  • Technical Use case definition and associated data architecture

  • High level solution design

  • Multi-vendor & integrator selection

  • Client side support to multi-vendor /multi-integrator agile projects and associated interoperability tests

Technical Design


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